Ausflug der 10. und 11. Klassen zur Universität von Valencia in Burjassot


Trip of the 10th and 11th graders to the University of Valencia in Burjassot.

Es war ein super Erlebnis. Für alle die nicht dabei waren hier der link:

Und ich bin stolz auf unsere Schüler, dass sie auch Chemie auf Englisch verstehen.

A. Huber

On the 25th of May, students of the 10th and 11th grades attended a chemistry conference at the Universidad de Valencia in Burjassot. The lecture was presented by Dr. Tim Harrison, a professor at Bristol University. From hydrogen explosions to nitrogen frozen boiled eggs, his experiments truly captivated the attention and had the audience in awe. He spoke about the chemistry of the atmosphere and the importance of global warming, for which he included data collected by Bristol University. The conference motivated the students and sparked their interest in chemistry and its significant role in science. Everyone was very grateful to have had this fun and eye-opening experience.

Jimena Font de Mora (Klasse 10-1)